Genome enhancer

Welcome to the new era of precision medicine

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Welcome to the new era of bioinformatics analysis

Genome Enhancer

The tool that changed it all

Dear colleague, we know how important it is for you to identify molecular mechanisms of the pathologies that you are studying in your research or medical practice and we understand how much efforts you were putting in each and every analysis case that you have performed for inspecting a certain disease.

Exactly for this reason, and also to save your time and research budget, we have developed Genome Enhancer – an automatized pipeline that allows you to analyze sets of various patient omics data and identify key drug targets of the studied pathology.

Genome Enhancer integrates deep gene regulation analysis with pathway analysis and performs reconstruction of disease molecular mechanism.

As a user, you simply upload all patient omics data that you have for the studied case and perform easy data annotation by spreading the uploaded files among conditions which need to be analyzed.

The main benefit of Genome Enhancer is that after you upload and annotate your data in the system, you just have to press on the RUN button and go get yourself a coffee as there’s nothing else you should do for the analysis to be performed.

Genome Enhancer

Once the analysis is finished, you will receive a comprehensive HTML report constructed in a form of a publication draft. The report will include detailed information about the methods used and the results obtained, including genes that characterize the studied pathology, the transcription factors that regulate those genes, and the reconstructed model of the intracellular signaling network with identified master regulators – the potential drug targets for treating the studied pathology. The report will also include information about known therapeutic compounds which affect the identified targets, including data from clinical trials, and even cheminformatically predicted substances which are potentially active against those targets.

We can write an almanac about Genome Enhancer, but it would be much more worth if you would just go to and browse the system yourself.

We thank you for your interest in Genome Enhancer and we are confident that this game-changer tool will advance your research and clinical practice.

Yours sincerely
Genome Enhancer Team

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